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International Board of Environmental Health and Safety

Instilling Professionalism
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IBOEHS is accredited by the International Certifying Accreditation Board (Illinois, USA) since 2007
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To Establish, Monitor and Maintain environmental health and safety certifications

Protect PEOPLE , ASSET & ENVIRONMENT for long term sustainability

Empower to Instill Professionalism through Accredited Certification



Accredited certifications in Environmental Health and Safety and Specialty certifications.. 

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Occupational Safety or Industrial Instrumentation ..

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Educational programs to assist managers in understanding the benefits of health and safety....

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Professional Development

Competent Person programs and EHS Professional improvement..

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  • Registered Industrial Instrumentation Engineer®

    Registered Industrial Instrumentation Engineer® plays a vital role in monitoring and maintaining pressures and measurements – this is a critical part of process control. Measurements have got to be one of the most important equipment in any...

    Registered Safety Officer®

    The Registered Safety Officer® (RSO) is knowledgeable of the fundamentals of occupational health and safety. The RSO is generally responsible for the day-to-day activities of managing a company’s heath and safety program (this is an entry-level...

    Registered Environmental Field Monitor®

      The Environmental Field Monitor is responsible for monitoring hazards associated with oil and gas operations, personal protective equipment, and air monitoring equipment.   Topics covered in the Registered Environmental Field Monitor (REFM)...
  • Registered Healthcare Safety Officer®

    The Registered Healthcare Safety Officer® (RSO) is knowledgeable of the fundamentals of occupational health and safety. The RHSO is generally responsible for the day-to-day activities of managing a company’s health and safety program (this is an...

    Registered Safety Manager®

    . Registered Safety Manager   As a Safety Manager you will takes of mentoring on more duties with a higher level of responsibility and authority for your actions and decisions. As well as the duties of mentoring safety officers. In addition to...

    Registered Safety Professional®

      The Registered Safety Professional® (RSP) provides recommendations and actions for the prevention of accidents and/or incidents, which may cause injury or illness to people, damage to property, or destruction to a community (environmental). They...


The role of the person providing Environmental, Health and Safety plays a vital role in keeping workers and the community safe and healthy. However as the demand for environmental, health and safety personnel grows, so does the number of non-professionals attempting to fill this role.

   Because every life is valuable - the International Board of Environmental Health and Safety was formed (1997) with the self-proclaimed mission of instilling professionalism in the environmental health and safety fields. In order to fulfill this mission true professionals were selected from their respective fields to establish a level of knowledge and skills needed to be competent. These competency requirements were adopted and established as certifications, and to further distinguish these certifications, each one is subjected to a rigorous accreditation process.

    So when an individual achieves an IBOEHS certification they are truly displaying not only their competency but their mark of professionalism as well. Furthermore, IBOEHS certification examinations have a higher passing score requirement than any other certifications, meaning holders of an IBOEHS certification demonstrate their true desire for professionalism.

And, to ensure their professionalism remains strong, continuing education units are required for their certification renewals every two years.